Christopher “Rahkee” Gates is one of the members in the world renowned team known as Chill Seekers. Rahkee began his paranormal journey in the beginning of 2015 by traveling to haunted locations. He later met up with Joshua Leyvas and they began a team known as Paranormal West. They investigated many paranormal enthused locations in California and Nevada. Later Sherry and Mendy would join the team.


Rahkee started inventing paranormal equipment in 2015. His first invention was a static detector which was called “Spirit Beacon.” Rahkee turned to spirit communication. He started with a PSB-7 and later hacked a Radio Shack 12-587, and many other radios that would be able to sweep simultaneously. Rahkee’s friend Steve Huff came out with an invention called “The Portal,” which took the paranormal field by storm. Later Rahkee would come out with the “Banshee Box” which used a dual echo effect. In 2017 Rahkee invented the “Rahkbox” which has an unique sound.


Banshee App

Rahkee and Matt Payne teamed up to create the Banshee App. Immediately he recieved the most impressive response! “Like a Banshee!” This app became a success for spirit communication.


Matt Payne, Matt Benton, Justin Brown, and Rahkee pieced ideas together to make Solomon. The app is scientifically based with many features including volume sounds and white noise.