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Ghostly Figure Captured On Dashcam In Johor, Malaysia

A driver in Malaysia believes that the dashcam in his car may have captured footage of ‘hitchhiking ghost’ that zipped past him as he barreled down the road. The spooky incident reportedly occurred in the town of Kota Tinggi earlier this month. In the video, the motorist cruises down a desolate road when a weird white anomaly appears in the distance.

When the car gets closer, the oddity briefly comes into focus and almost resembles an apparition with their arm extended into the road. Unfortunately, it’s a veritable ‘blind-and-you-miss-it’ moment which really requires multiple viewings of the video to get a full look at the puzzling anomaly. Particularly puzzling is that the peculiar ‘presence,’ so to speak, lingers at a dark and dangerous spot on the road which would be a foolish act by someone looking for help.

As one can imagine, a number of viewers have suggested that the curious anomaly was, in fact, a ghost. And, based on its shape, they posit that perhaps it is the spirit of a hitchhiker who died at that spot in the road. Skeptics, per usual, find that fantastic idea hard to believe, arguing that the ‘apparition’ probably has a prosaic explanation. What’s your take on the weird video? 

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