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Vanilla Ice walked into Zak Bagans‘ famed Haunted Museum a total skeptic … and he walked out a believer after a bone-chilling encounter with a ghost!!!

The “Ghost Adventures” star tells TMZ … Vanilla Ice hit up his Haunted Museum in Las Vegas last month, and FREAKED OUT when something blew on his neck! The spooky sensation went down inside a room containing 2 real human skeletons.

Check out the video of Vanilla’s first experience with paranormal activity … you see him sitting on a chair in the Odd Fellows room when he suddenly jumps out of his seat! Vanilla is clearly alarmed, so it’s no wonder he told Zak he’s never going back in that room.

The Odd Fellows room houses 2 skeletons in their original coffins, which were once used in very old, very bizarre Odd Fellows rituals. Their identities are unknown, but Zak says the remains were part of initiation rituals bringing recruits face-to-face with their own mortality. Scary stuff, for sure.

Vanilla’s fear is Zak’s fun … Bagans tells us it’s a precious moment every time he witnesses someone having their very first experience with a ghost. 

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