Who has access to your photos after uploading to FaceApp? Privacy issues raise concern

There’s no doubt we live in a fast and digital world, our smartphones usually glued to our hands.

“Whenever you have a free moment you take out your phone you know?” said smartphone user Haley Johnson.

It’s easy to skip over the long and sometimes wordy Terms and Conditions and privacy policies when downloading a new app on your smartphone, but you may want to start reading them with more attention.

With a few touches you can gain 50 years and completely transform your pictures with FaceApp. 

An app dedicated to modifying your photos.

Thousands upon thousands of photos have been uploaded to social media from the app, even celebrities joining in on the trend.

“I have seen that everyday on social media for the past few days,” said Sarah Garrido.

Before using the app, it asks for access to your photos. When you accept- you’re also accepting the Terms of Use

The conditions say you grant FaceApp a “perpetual” and “irrevocable” access to the company to”modify,” “adapt,” and “publicly display” the content. 

The conditions also say the company can use the photos uploaded for commercial purposes.

“It possibly being used for the wrong reasons or other means, not something I was wanting to do,” said Garrido.

The Faceapp company is based in Russia. 

We spoke with Dr. Gregory Hall, research scientist, at the University of West Florida Center for Cybersecurity about this app.

“It does access your photos and the photos you select for the aging process do leave your phone and go to the servers of the company. What I’ve read from other researchers is that those photos appear to go to servers in the United States,” he said.

While the servers may be in the United States, the terms say they can move those photos across borders. 

Dr. Hall says take the time to read about what you download.

“Other companies have more permission on the date on your phone, so if you’re worried about this one and if this is a concern to you, you might want to look at the other apps on your phone to see what they’re capable of,” he suggested. 

After breaking the news to some smartphone users, they had their reservations about going along with the trend.

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